Seth Rogen Forced To Deny He’s Been Kidnapped After Video Goes Viral

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Aug 2021 13:05
Seth Rogen Forced To Deny He’s Been Kidnapped After Video Goes Viralsethrogen/Instagram/PA

Seth Rogen has been forced to speak out after a hilarious viral video cast ‘doubt’ as to his current whereabouts.

TikToker and comedian @chriscanbefunny recently uploaded a video insinuating the 39-year-old comic actor had been kidnapped by ‘a shady ceramicist’, presenting his evidence.


Explaining his ‘pretty crazy hypothesis’ in song form, @chriscanbefunny noted that while he’d ‘seen a lot of photos of his vases’, he hadn’t ‘seen a recent photo of his face’. To be fair, he makes a good point.

Elaborating further, @chriscanbefunny pondered whether or not this insidious ceramicist might have him ‘tied up, completely incapacitated’.

He mused:


I’m not saying that it’s impossible that in addition to comedy, Seth can make pottery. I’m just saying, can we check on Seth?

Thankfully, Seth has now come forward to alleviate any concerns fans may have about his wellbeing, describing the video as ‘very funny and not at all true’.

He tweeted:

I have not been kidnapped! This is not a kidnapper writing this from Seth’s account! I promise!


Of course, as some of Seth’s followers have noted, this is exactly what a pottery loving kidnapper might say if their cover was blown.

Thankfully, Zelda Rogen – Seth’s adorable pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – has cleared things up, confirming that her human papa is indeed ‘alive, and well’, having ‘recently celebrated my mom’s 40th birthday!’

A photo was included in the tweet for anyone concerned that Zelda had also ended up in the kidnapper’s clutches.


Seth started getting into pottery back in 2019, and has shared his ever-improving work on social media. Fans have been particularly enamoured by his quirky, brightly coloured vases which have seen him experiment with interesting shapes and textures.

Speaking with The Cut about his newfound passion back in 2020, Seth explained that he likes ‘to produce tangible work’:

With movies, we spend years on them and then they’re very intangible. They don’t have weight, they don’t occupy a physical space.

You used to at least get a DVD or a Blu-Ray, and you don’t even really get that anymore. I don’t like to keep my own movie posters around because those are just advertising for the product, not the product itself. I do really like being able to create an artistic expression that is a thing that I can pick up, hold, show to people. It is just so different from what I normally do which has no mass to it.


It’s good to know that Seth is alive, well and free to potter another day.

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