Seth Rogen Reveals Brutal Way He Responds To Trolls

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Nov 2021 14:21
Seth Rogen Reveals Brutal Way He Responds To TrollsAlamy

Seth Rogen has revealed the brutal way in which he responds to those who try and troll him online.

Rather than come after his haters publicly – which is of course what they want – the 39-year-old Knocked Up actor has a far more direct approach.


It’s unclear how many times exactly Rogen has done this, but he claims it’s ‘a lot more fun’. I would imagine that for the attention-seeking trolls looking for a public shout-out, this is also far more surprising.

Apparently, Rogen slips into their DMs to give them a harsh talking to rather than give them the satisfaction of a public call-out.

Taking to Twitter, Rogen wrote:


A lot of people come at me and talk sh*t on Twitter hoping I’ll engage with them publicly and give them attention, but instead I DM them and tell them to go f*ck themselves privately. It’s a lot more fun.

Keen to get a DM of their own from the Canadian comedian, many of Rogen’s followers pondered whether to wind him up deliberately with this exact intention in mind. As comedian Darcy Michael put it, ‘If u tell me to go f*ck myself in a DM I can show my mom I finally made it in the biz.’

Others offered different ideas as to how Rogen could shock his trolls, with one person suggesting:

What would be really funny would be if you just figured out where they lived and just went to their house to tell them privately.


One troll even came forward with a screenshot of a DM exchange with Rogen, showing that the comedian isn’t kidding about here.

In the heated screenshotted exchange, Rogen can be seen telling the Twitter user:

Hey man, no clue who you are but I came across this and I kindly invite you to go f*ck yourself. Haha now I’m reading your IG posts and I see who you are.


Responding with similar warmth and friendliness, the troll replied:

It appears the quality of your social media trolling has mirrored the path of your comedy career. Steep and embarrassing decline.

In the age of social media, celebs have found various ways to deal with trolls, from calling them out publicly to spreading awareness about the effect online harassment can have.

Clearly Rogen has taken a different stance entirely, and it’s unclear whether or not this will catch on.


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