Shia Labeouf Is Livestreaming Shia Labeouf Watching Shia Labeouf Films



You guys! You guys this is a thing that’s happening right now and will be happening for the next three days. The title of the article says it all really. 

Okay I’ll give you a bit more information.

Shia Labeouf is sitting in a movie theatre in New York right now and watching all of his films consecutively.

No breaks are scheduled for eating or sleeping.

If you’re in New York members of the public are welcome to join him in his ocular odyssey for the bargain price of FREE.

This is the latest instalment in Shia’s series of ‘live art’ projects. It follows his broadcast of skipping over Skype while “on a quest to find my inner self.”

In case you’ve been leaving under a major rock, here are his previous art projects.

The livestream is only on his face. You can’t see or hear the movie (probably because of those fun wrecking copyright laws).

You can try play the movies yourself and sync up with his reactions maybe?

The order of movies is apparently from newest to oldest.

You can join Shia’s livestream by heading to this link:

UPDATE: He has a soft drink.


UPFATE: He’s eating popcorn during Nymphomaniac.


Many great artists are misunderstood during the time they’re alive.

Future generations will see much meaning in this. Maybe. He’s at least damn interesting and enjoyable.