Sikh Temple Opens Its Doors To Let Muslim Pray When He Can’t Find Mosque


A video of a Sikh temple opening its door to a let a Muslim man pray when he apparently couldn’t find a mosque, has gone viral on Facebook.

The male, who hasn’t been named, was seen in Gurdwara Sahib Bercham, Malaysia, praying while Sikh hymns boomed out of the microphone.

The footage was taken from the front of the Sikh temple hall and shows the man, dressed in a blue shirt, praying towards Mecca during the service.

It was made known to the public via Facebook group, Sikh Inside:

Yesterday (20/8/18) , a Muslim brother spotted doing Namaz in Gurdwara Sahib Bercham Ipoh.

Probably he couldn’t find a mosque and drop by Gurdwara to complete his Namaz. Powerful, God is One.

Watch it here:

One commenter wrote, ‘I truly feel there is no harm for him doing the namaz inside the gurudwara we are being taught #ikonkar that means one god! Let’s not overthink, we are taught to be a good human rather being a sikh Hindu or a Muslim for that matter.’ [sic]

Another said:

Why is it wrong for him to do his namaz in the darbaar sahib itself? He isn’t bringing meat, alcohol and cigarettes nor convincing people to convert to Islam… if everyone is welcome to visit the Gurdwara, why not allowing them to fulfil their prayers? [sic]

One commenter really didn’t see the furore surrounding the widely shared video, saying, ‘for those who got so agitated because a man is completing his prayers in the gurdwara, come let me ask y’all a question la ah. Are y’all following your guru’s teachings as a Sikh a 100% that you start giving your own ideas on what religion should and shouldn’t be?’ [sic]

He added:

Who on earth are y’all to actually come up with what’s allowed and not allowed in Sikhi?

If y’all stop and think for a minute before condemning the acts of a human being fulfilling his responsibility as a Muslim, completing hawan and puja, you’d need the equipments as well as the idol statute the hawan is directed to. [sic]

Completing a namaz all you need is a clean space and a comfortable area where you know your qiblat direction. What kind of comparison is this?

Let’s just embrace the fact these two religions shared a moment of solidarity.

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