Single Guy Let His Mum Run His Tinder Account For A Month

by : UNILAD on : 03 Apr 2016 17:42
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A guy who hadn’t been in a serious relationship for several years decided to try an entirely new approach to online/mobile dating, and actually let his own mother run his Tinder account for a month.


It’s a bold move and one which could prove potentially disastrous, especially since this guy’s mum’s first comment was apparently: “I don’t think you should just hook up for casual sex. I think you should get to know people.”

Clay Skipper, a writer for GQ Magazine, tried the unique experiment in the hopes of finding love.

chandler lovechandler love

After all, your mum only wants what’s best for you, right? What could possibly go wrong?


Well, there’s exposing your dear old mother to the gruesome world of 21st century dating, for a start, where nudity and general oddness is just a standard part of the game. It also resulted in a lot of mistaken swipe lefts and some attempted pick-up lines which were anything but what you’d call ‘smooth’.

Still, as an icebreaker, this is actually a lot more creative than the usual ‘hi’…

mom tinder 1mom tinder 1GQ

Although she wasn’t exactly au fait with the drug slang the kids are using nowadays…

mom tinder 2mom tinder 2GQ

And her attempts to hold a conversation with certain matches was pretty awkward…

mom tinder 4mom tinder 4GQ

But not as awkward as her being exposed to this part of the Internet…

mom tinder 3mom tinder 3GQ

In the end, she did actually succeed in getting her son a date for the evening so maybe this is a tactic all us single guys should try sometime?

Or, perhaps not, given that Clay adds about said date: “Anna was not my type. She was, evidently, my mom’s type.” Awkward…

For the full story, you can check out Clay’s full article about his strange month-long journey over at GQ.

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