Single Guy Recreates Twin Sister’s Baby Pictures And They’re Brilliant

gordyInstagram: @gordyyates

Gordy Yates is a pretty average single guy who’s living in Taiwan and blogging about his adventures. Gordy also has a twin sister, Meredith Tuttle, who’s a married mother of two.

The pair recently turned 28. However, Gordy admitted on his blog that he hasn’t always been the best with remembering her birthday, despite it being on the same day as his. He wrote that Meredith always gets him a cool gift on their birthday but he never gets her anything.

He wrote:

I mean, I guess it could be because we live very different lives … I’ve been living the single life of parties and traveling while she’s been married and has two kids. It’s like I feel that I’m not quite an adult so I don’t need to give people things but they should give things to me.

So Gordy’s decided it’s time to man up and get his social media loving sister a gift she’ll love. Re-creating 28 of her best photos of her, to celebrate their 28 years. Gordy doesn’t have any kids of his own, so he had to improvise… using a cat.

Unfortunately he doesn’t even own a cat so he had to borrow one from a stranger at his church. The results are pretty hilarious.

Pucker up!

The cat looks like it wants to do a runner.

Daddy’s little princess.

I bet getting the cat in the blanket was easy.

The cat’s started to look sad.

cat compare

How’s she doing that with her arms!

cat compare

That cat looks pretty defeated if I’m honest

cat compare

And what did Meredith make of the snaps? She loved them.