Single Mother Demands Free Exclusive Swimming Lessons For Son In ‘Unbelievable’ Texts


Swimming is an important tool to have in your arsenal should you ever find yourself in a  Titanic-like fiasco.


It’s also just generally quite nice to be able to do, whether you’re wanting to exercise or go down some really cool slides.

What’s not nice, is demanding a swimming teacher hold a private one-on-one session with your son at any God damn time you please.


This happened recently according to MoreFM. The following text conversation is infuriating.

When asked if she could teach a single parent’s son, this teacher responded yes but not right away.

Text argumentReddit
Text argumentReddit

‘Wow. That’s rude. I want to know what time today I should bring my son to the pool,’ the parent said.

‘I’m sorry but today I already informed everyone that I wanted to swim alone today,’ the teacher replied. ‘I will message you the next time I am teaching. Probably after 3 days. I usually teach the kids from 3-5pm.’


‘Can you come at 1 today and teach him? 1-3 is more warm than 3-5. I know you have flexible timing,’ before adding five minutes later, ‘Can you reply faster?’

‘I can’t teach at 1 because of work. It is already past 12 and today, I really feel stressed and I need to blow off some steam. I don’t want to teach today. I already told everyone that. From next time, I will inform you also,’ the teacher said.

Text argumentReddit
Text argumentReddit

‘That’s not fair,’ the parent replied. ‘I already told him that he can go swimming today. Give me one good reason to tell him. Or else he is gonna cry.’


Emotional blackmail? Nice.

When the teacher reiterated she wouldn’t be teaching that day, the angry parent responded:

That’s even better. You can teach him alone. Those brats got free classes for a month. You need to make up for that with my son.

He has anxiety issues. You have to teach him alone.

Text argumentReddit

The teacher then explained:

I am not a certified trainer. I don’t want to be responsible for the safety of a kid with anxiety in a pool with depth twice his size. I think you should get someone else.

The parent then said the son simply didn’t like other kids and didn’t actually suffer potentially-dangerous levels of anxiety.

Text argumentReddit
Text argumentReddit

The last series of texts are truly mind-boggling:

You have flexible timings. You work less hours than me. You earn more than me. Those bitches are rich enough that they can afford to get a swimming instructor but no. They only want free stuff that my son needs.

You are so privileged that you don’t need money. You fucking refuse money that people are ready to pay. They are ready to give money and you don’t need money. Do you know how much I need that money? I am a single mom. You should get the money from them and give it to me.

You are privileged. You should give it to me. I need it more than you. If you won’t teach my son alone you should at least give the money to me.

Reply to me. I can see that you read the message. Bitch.

WTF? Ridiculous. Whoever this parent is needs to get a grip and a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

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