So The ‘Mister Ugly’ Contest Is A Thing, Apparently


Zimbabwe’s annual search for ‘Mister Ugly’ is back, and the competition has experienced unprecedented growth for its 2015 installment.

For the first time in the competition’s five year history they are having to stage preliminary rounds ahead of the final on November 20.

The final will see 12 men go head to head to find the man with the greatest level of ‘natural ugliness’, but the field must first be narrowed down from 36 entrants.

Organisers are adamant that the tournament is not held in mean spirit, but instead to demonstrate pride and acceptance in one’s appearance.


Organiser David Machowa said:

People have always seen ugliness as something to be ashamed of. Looks are God-given. We should all be proud of who we are.”

Current champion William Masvinu has held the title since 2012, and he will return in a bid to claim the $1,000 dollar ( about £650) purse.

Masvinu still works at the local market in Harare hauling vegetables, earning just $10 (around £6.50) per day, but he is hopeful that his appearances may lead to advertising work.

In light of the increased attention the pageant has received, sponsorship has been secured to increase the prize money and the prestige of the venue. It will now be held in a local nightclub, and along with the cash the winner will also receive a crown.

Looks more like a ‘who can gurn the best contest’ to me, but the prize money will certainly go a long way for the victor.