Some Of The Outrageous Myths Men Still Seem To Believe About Women

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 16 Aug 2021 18:54
Some Of The Outrageous Myths That Men Still Seem To Believe About WomenPixabay

While we may be in 2021, there are plenty of outrageous myths men apparently still believe to be true about women.

Men and women may be viewed as being from different planets, but you would think in the age of 2021, men would have clocked that some of these myths are a bit far-fetched.


Well, women have taken to a Reddit thread to set the record straight.

The thread has amassed over 12,700 votes and 7,200 comments, with women taking to the post to expose the so-called myths some may still believe. Among the myths was ‘That anyone with a uterus can ‘hold in’ period blood. It’s? It’s not pee. Come on, lol.’

Another commented: 


That you can tell how much sex a woman has had by looking at her genitals. No you can’t.

Also, that having a lot of sex makes the vagina ‘loose’. Apparently some people think the vaginal muscles are magic, since apparently they’re the only muscles in the body that get weaker with more use.

A third wrote: ‘That we want to see a pic of your d*ck. We don’t.’

If we could hold our period blood in, believe me, we would. However, not for the sake of any man, but for the sake of expensive sanitary products and not feeling like Niagara Falls every time we stand up, while also excruciating pain for one whole week of every month.


While I’m sure there are lots of women who believe many outrageous myths about men too, this thread serves to show how women and men may not literally be from different planets, but are a lot less on the same page than you would expect for 2021.

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