Some Of These Twitter Responses To Ed Balls Day Are Hilarious


Christmas is pretty good – but it’s no match for Ed Balls Day.

In case you didn’t know, today marks the fifth anniversary of a fantastical moment which will forever dominate the history books… The day when Ed Balls tweeted his own name and nothing else.

However, this annual celebration is a little sadder than it has been in the past, as our saviour, Ed, is no longer MP for Morley and Outwood having lost his seat last May.

Although, as you can probably imagine, the balls-up (sorry) will not be forgotten any time soon.

Here’s some of our favourite tweets from Ed Balls Day morning:

Even Domino’s got involved in Ed Balls day:

But some Twitter users feel the day’s message is being diluted by marketing campaigns:

I too miss the good ol’ days when Ed Balls Day was pure and simple.

But the message still stands: Happy Ed Balls Day everyone!