Someone’s Photoshopped Man Buns Onto World Leaders And They’re Great


man bun

You’ve got to love Reddit.

The site is amazing. There are threads that give you advice, ones that share secrets people would probably never share otherwise, and there are some people out there who use the Imgur and Reddit community to get a bit creative.

That’s exactly what one user has done, photoshopping man buns onto some of the world’s most high profile leaders, past and present.

The photos originally appeared as part of a competition from DesignCrowd , who saw the original image of Trump with a man bun, and asked people to run with it.

From Putin – who looks much more approachable until you look into those kill-you-dead eyes – to Barack Obama, there are plenty of photos to admire.

man bun1

It’s amazing what a man bun can actually do to change the perception of someone – Kim Jong-un looks more chubby hipster than dictator, and George Bush looks like even more of an idiot – yes, we didn’t think it was possible either.

So without further ado, here you go.

man bun 2

man bun3

man bun 4

man bun5

man bun6

man bun7