Someone Really Put A MAGA Hat On Baby Yoda

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Jan 2020 11:47
People have photoshopped a MAGA hat on to Baby YodaPeople have photoshopped a MAGA hat on to Baby YodaDisney+/@freshpowdawg/Twitter

The world united over the cuteness of Baby Yoda. However, someone has now ruined the harmony by photoshopping a Make America Great Again hat on him. 

Until recently, the greatest debates about Baby Yoda involved whether or not he was cuter than Babu Frik, or Baby Sonic. They were simple, if heated, discussions which mainly focused on how big their eyes were, but the arguments became a lot more controversial when Donald Trump supporters started using Baby Yoda as a mascot.

Needless to say, the mere suggestion the beloved Mandalorian character would be on Team Trump has caused severe outrage.

Trump in Make America Great AgainTrump in Make America Great AgainPA Images

Images linking Baby Yoda to the president began popping up on social media following the release of The Mandalorian on Disney+ towards the end of last year, and recently some Twitter users shared photos of Baby Yoda merchandise for sale at Trump rallies.

Some people photoshopped Trump’s bouffant onto the little fella, another image showed him waving a flag and wearing a cap in support of Space Force, Trump’s new branch of military service.


And where would we be in the world of enforced self-imposed political alignment without someone sticking a bright red MAGA hat on our little green friend from a galaxy far, far away.


The president’s son, Don Jr., also jumped on the bandwagon by sharing a picture of his father’s face superimposed on to Baby Yoda’s head. A caption on the image read ‘The Magalorian’, and knowing it would infuriate many Star Wars fans Don Jr. added the words ‘Triggered in 3…2…1’.

And triggered they were.

Fans of Baby Yoda were quick to defend the creature, with many social media users taking a stand against Trump supporters trying to get their hands on him.


One Twitter user wrote:

alright guys who the f*ck put the MAGA hat on baby yoda? come on guys you know he cant [sic] defend himself!

Another commented:

Yo these MAGA people are trying to take Baby Yoda, WE FIGHTIN!


The anger is understandable; Baby Yoda had previously been a symbol of all things adorable, so having him associated with Trump and his controversial policies and beliefs taints the flawless character.

All the relatable memes depicting Baby Yoda are now tinged with the underlying suggestion the poster may be a Trump supporter, which is fine for all those who are, but unfortunate for everyone who just wants to share a picture of the big-eyed baby.

There may still be time to rescue Baby Yoda from the dark side, but it looks like the anti-Trump side of Twitter will have their work cut out for them.

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