Someone Used Fake Thor ID To Try To Buy Weed

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 26 Jul 2019 18:21
fake ID with thor as name, picture and addressfake ID with thor as name, picture and address@cottoncandaddy/Twitter

Last year, weed became legal for most people in Canada.


I say ‘most people’ because, like a lot of things, there’s still an age limit on purchasing the drug, so those wanting some usually have to provide one or two forms of ID.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Canada is a big place. Not everyone can pop to the local weed dispensary and pick up a bag of ‘Budz R Us’ finest. To combat this, there are now online weed dispensaries so, much like buying a book or record or literally anything else, you can pop online and legally order yourself some weed.

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Of course, if you’re buying weed online you’re also going to need to prove your age. And while fake IDs are usually designed to look as realistic as possible (unless you’re McLovin), one brave and clearly underage Canadian with a sense of humour and a thing for the Marvel thought they’d try their luck.


The hilarious story was shared by Sloane Hughes on Funny or Die. Sloane’s sister apparently works at an online weed dispensary and came across the ingenious fake ID when sorting through online orders.

Sharing a picture of the fake ID on Twitter, with a headshot of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Sloane wrote: ‘my sister works for an online weed dispensary and I’m losing my mind rn’.

To get into it, not only was the picture of Chris Hemsworth, as Thor, giving a lovely but slightly cheeky smile with one eyebrow raised, the name on the ID was Thor Thunder Odinson. Middle name: Thunder. Yep.

Address? No problem: 69 Big Hammer Lane. Which just works on so many levels. Also, it turns out Thor is from Calgary, not Asgard. Who’d have thought it.

The ID also lists Thor’s height as 6’7″, and 150lbs, but we all saw Endgame, it might be time to add a few more pounds to that.

Chris Hemsworth Had Intense Thor Gym Routine For Avengers: Endgame Despite Fat SuitChris Hemsworth Had Intense Thor Gym Routine For Avengers: Endgame Despite Fat SuitMarvel Studios

However, while the hopeful Thor fan may have thought their ID could’ve passed if, for example, the people working at the weed dispensary had never heard of the highest grossing film of all time, they neglected to realise the ID was expired. In fact it expired more than two years ago.


Unfortunately, because of a few federal laws and the whole ‘not wanting to go to jail’ thing, the ID was ultimately rejected. However, as Sloane shared, the fake ID user was let down with the delightful message: ‘I’m Thorry, that won’t work’.

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