Something Disturbing Spotted On Kardashian Christmas Card

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Fans of the Kardashians were delighted the family had decided to do their very own advent calendar this year, releasing a different photo every day until Christmas.

Of course, to the majority of us, this was completely nonsensical and pointless yet for some reason, thousands of people across the world were waiting to see what day 25 would reveal.

There were united gasps of disappointment though as when Christmas came there was no sign of a pregnant Kylie Jenner in any of the photos. Oh the horror!

But it wasn’t the only thing fans were shocked by…

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Seeing as the Kardashians are all about advertising and marketing, Kylie is probably waiting for the perfect moment to make maximum dollar to release the news she’s pregnant.

Since she’s a celebrity, naturally, this will be done in a bizarre fashion, (and no doubt on social media) to make herself trending again.

However, it does seem weird Kylie doesn’t appear to be anywhere on the Kardashian’s advent picture calendar – the only sister missing from it.

Then again, the Kardashian family are far from normal so who knew what to expect?

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Not being able to turn up for the photoshoot wasn’t an excuse though since Kendall Jenner looks like she’s totally been photoshopped in.

Of course we can’t be certain as we didn’t have the, erm, privilege of being present at the shoot, but Kendall looks like a cardboard cutout standing next to the group on the edge of each photo she appears in.

One glimpse at her body language next to the others can tell you she definitely wasn’t there!

family xmas card DAY 12 @elirusselllinnetz

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So if they took the time to photoshop Kendall in, why not Kylie?

Is there a reason behind this? Is there a conspiracy? We are just DYING to know!!!

To be honest, I just want to know if they’ve fired whoever was responsible for editing Kendall in?

Kylie wasn’t the only one who had the honour of not appearing in the photos.

For some reason, Kanye West was the only dad who featured in the calendar, despite the fact there are several other baby daddies in the Kardashian clan.

It makes sense not to include the likes of Kourtney‘s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick who’s long done with the Kardashians but where exactly are their current partners?

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Did Kanye West get the opportunity to appear just because he’s Kanye West? Including a rap legend in the photos will of course get them more likes, not that they need them!

The person I feel sorry for though is poor Rob Kardashian who isn’t a boyfriend or a husband but in fact a brother!

As if the poor sod hasn’t had a hard enough time dealing with his legal battle with Blac Chyna, it looks like his own family have left him out this Christmas too.

Don’t worry Rob, we’re there for you!

Does it all mean something?

Probably not, but it won’t stop people from filling Twitter with bizarre theories…