Son Freaks Out Parents During Skype Chat By Jumping Out Of Plane

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When a caring traveller took time out of his tour of Australia to Skype his mum and dad, they probably didn’t expect him to jump out of a plane.

Roger Ryan from Louth, Ireland skyped his parents while skydiving causing the poor couple to nearly shit their pants, and best of it was all recorded.

The hilarious video starts with Roger explaining to his parents that he’ll talk to them in just a second because he has to jump out of an aeroplane. The couple look briefly confused and say that they can’t hear what he’s saying. He then positions himself at the plane door and jumps. His poor shocked mum throws up her hands, shouting: “Oh no he’s jumping out of an aeroplane. While his bewildered dad starts laughing and shout’s ‘fuck off’.

The couple then continue to chat to their son as he plummets to earth, clearly oblivious to the wind deafening him. Our favourite moment has to be when the mum, rather than take a screenshot, pulls out her iPad and snaps a photo. Classic old people.

Lucky for Roger his parents seemed to find is prank funny and clap as he safely lands.