South Korea Are Trolling North Korea Pretty Hard Right Now

by : UNILAD on : 22 Aug 2015 21:12


Tensions between North and South Korea have risen ridiculously recently, thanks to South Korea taking the piss.


You’d probably think that annoying a country with a leader like Kim Jong-Un would be a bad idea. Especially if you’re close enough for them to fire nukes at you. But that hasn’t stopped South Korea.

Troops are preparing for war, thanks to the South blasting annoying pop music and propaganda at their northern neighbours.

It came about after some Southern soldiers were injured by a landmine in the supposedly ‘demilitarised’ zone between the countries. They accused the North of planting the device, which the North have denied.



They used huge speakers to blast the noise, to which the North replied by firing at them, resulting in areas of South Korea being evacuated.


It’s not a new thing though. As daft as it sounds, it’s gone on since the 50s – Firing noise at each other. 11 years ago they agreed to stop, until now.

When you think about it, from a Southern perspective, it’s probably very effective, when you take into account just how much the Northern people are brainwashed. If they were to hear information other than their leader is great, you know, like the truth, it could cause all sorts of problems for the dictator.


Apparently, talks are now underway to resolve the issue. However, just how well these will go is anyone’s guess.

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