Southern Woman Films Herself Burning ‘Racist’ Confederate Flag

by : Daniel Richardson on : 09 Jun 2021 16:37
Woman Films Herself Burning 'Racist' Confederate Flag PA Images/@tiktok_hates_me__/TikTok

A woman from the south of the United States has filmed herself burning a Confederate flag after finding out its origin.

The Confederate flag is seen by many as a racist symbol. The flag was used during the US Civil War by the southern states – or the Confederate States of America – which wanted to maintain slavery. On the back of this, many see its use today as a backing of racial divisions and slavery.


A woman named Danielle took to her TikTok account (@tiktok_hates_me_) to burn her flag, explaining that she was southern but had only just realised what it meant to many people.

Check out the viral video:


The caption for the video reads, ‘I’m sorry if I ever showed I was ‘racist’ from a flag. We burnt it tonight! I’m sorry our culture taught us this was ok, it’s not. I’m white. I’m redneck, but never racist. RIP to this racist flag.’


True to the caption, Danielle can be seen setting the flag on fire with a lighter.

Many comments on the video, which has generated more than a million views, expressed support for Danielle. Commenters wrote, ‘YES! Never be afraid to admit you were wrong and grow as a person!!’ Another added, ‘It’s never too late to unlearn hate. I’m proud of you.’

Others wondered why Danielle wasn’t taught about the meaning of the flag in school. Fortunately, the TikTok user was able to explain and uploaded a video.

You can find out why below:



Danielle explained that she can’t remember being formally taught the origins of the flag. Instead, she claims that everyone she knew flew the flag and as a result, she thought that it was something that she should also do. Other people supported this reading of the flag’s meaning, and added that they thought it just meant ‘southern pride’ rather than a symbol of racist oppression.

Naturally, there has been some pushback on the original video as fans of the flag insist on its importance. In fact, one person compared the burning of the Confederate flag to burning the blood of Jesus Christ. It is unclear how a religious figure would be related to a flag that was created in a different continent more than a thousand years later, but evidently the symbolism means a lot to some people.

Given the virality of this video, it will now be interesting to see if others reconsider the meaning behind the Confederate flag.


Featured Image Credit: PA Images/@tiktok_hates_me__/TikTok

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