Spoilt Kid Throws Incredible Tantrum After Christmas Present Fail



There’s nothing worse than getting a shitty Christmas gift, but most of us just grin and bare it.

That being said, some people don’t take it too well, and one little lad totally lost the plot after being left disappointed on Christmas morning.

Twitter user @_mayraduarte_ uploaded a video of her ungrateful brother, throwing a major temper tantrum because he got the wrong video game for Christmas.

The video shows the boy throwing a wobbler because he got WWE 2K15 instead of WWE 2K16. Yeah, it’s a hard life.

While the young lad angrily vents, a voice off camera explains they got him that game because the one he originally wanted was out of stock.


As you might imagine, the internet has not reacted kindly…

However some saw the funny side…



And best of all the story has a happy ending.