State Of Kylie Jenner’s Fingernails Have Offended The Internet


There were coos of delight all round as Kylie Jenner posted a picture of her one month old daughter Stormi.

In the first month of her life, fans have only been treated to fleeting glimpses of the famous baby and so this pic was a welcome – and very cute – delight.

However, mums worldwide were united in frustration over one truly mystifying question: How in the name of all that is Instagrammable does the new mama change Stormi’s nappies?

my angel baby is 1 month old today

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Yes, parents everywhere couldn’t help but zoom in on Kylie Jenner‘s long, sharp talons. Sure, her manicure game is strong but surely shorter nails would be much more practical when it comes to baby bum wiping?

One person pondered:

Kylie Jenner posted a snap of her long nails, and in my head I’m thinking like ‘girrrrl how can you change your baby’s diaper with those long things.’

Another lamented:

I want to know how Kylie Jenner changes her babes diaper with two inch nails and I struggle with not getting poo under my millimeter nails.

The debate over the length of Kylie’s nails has gotten quite heated, with many fans furious about the slightly crappy criticism thrown at the young mother.

One person sighed:

People are hating on Kylie Jenner for being a mom with long nails need to get a life, can we please support other women instead of tearing them down for every little thing thx

Another demanded:

Okay, I think y’all are just reaching now. I’m not a fan of them but mothers have had long nails forever!! Some longer. Just stop!

I think we should all probably cut Kylie some slack. After all, giving birth isn’t exactly a party and a fresh manicure is always a nice pick me up.

But seriously, if the constantly-opinionated Kylie Jenner fans ever formed a debate team, the Oxford Union would be quaking in its boots…