Steve-O Just Completed The Bottle Cap Challenge With His Penis

by : Lucy Connolly on : 10 Jul 2019 16:22
Steve O bottle capsteveo/Twitter

If you saw this headline and your first thought was, ‘not another bottle cap challenge’, I’d have to say I feel your pain.

Everywhere we turn, another actor/singer/random celebrity is knocking the lid off a bottle in a graceful, seemingly effortless slow-mo kick as though it’s the easiest thing in the world.


And hey, maybe it is because every man and his dog appears to be able to complete the challenge and boast about it to all their social media followers. In fact, it’s apparently so easy that people have started coming up with more difficult ways to spin the bottle cap off.

Primarily Steve-O, who just used his penis to complete the challenge:


That’s right. Steve-O, who shot to fame in Jackass and has therefore always been known for his outlandish and outspoken ways, decided normal legs just weren’t a good enough instrument when partaking in the bottle cap challenge.


Instead, he filmed himself as his third leg swung around (fully blurred out, thankfully) and expertly hit the cap off the bottle and knocked it to the ground before he looked proudly at the camera and laughed.

Posting the video to his Twitter account, the 45-year-old wrote:

Nothing but dick! #JustTheTip

Steve O bottle cap challengesteveo/Twitter

I mean, it’s certainly one way to go about it. The tweet quickly went viral, receiving nearly 80K likes in less than 24 hours with many congratulating him on his effort.

Most seemed in agreement that Steve-O had single-handedly beat those who came before him. While one person said this was the ‘best one yet’, another wrote: ‘You win the #bottlecapchallage well done sir.’

Others shared the sentiment that ‘only Steve-O could get away with this’, while many demanded him to post the uncensored version. Which, no, come on guys.


Regardless of what your thoughts are, it’s fair to say he definitely upped the ante and made an impression – nearly as much of an impression as Ryan Reynolds, who recently shared his own version of the challenge.

Admittedly, Reynolds never actually managed to get the lid off his bottle and it actually ended up flying across the room and smashing spectacularly on the floor, but it’s the thought that counts.

Even though the actor’s failed attempt was definitely just an excuse to promote his gin brand, Aviation Gin, it was hilarious so I’m going to let him off and crown him the winner of the bottle cap challenge. Sorry, Steve-O.


Warning: a bottle of gin was harmed in the making of this video:


Right, if you’ll all just excuse me while I go attempt my own bottle cap challenge.

It might take a while so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see my name on any articles in the upcoming days…

Wish me luck!

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