Story Behind The ‘Democracy Manifest’ Guy Is Even Funnier Than His Video


The legendary ‘Democracy Manifest’ YouTube video is an iconic piece of Internet meme history but the story behind the video may be even more incredible than the clip itself. 

For those who’ve not seen the video we’ve handily provided it above, but the basic gist of the hilarious clip is that a surprisingly theatrical and eloquent man makes an impassioned defence of himself after being arrested in Sydney for ‘enjoying a succulent Chinese meal’.

The frankly weird but funny footage also sees the bloke, who may or may not be drunk, accuse the police manhandling him of ‘touching his penis’, it’s weird, wonderful and just a touch surreal.


But apparently nowhere near as weird and wonderful as the man behind the speech, Redditors claim.

Apparently despite people presuming for years that he was an Australian, the theatrical diner was in fact Hungarian but not any old Hungarian, he was reportedly of noble birth, which may explain his slightly entitled attitude, and was called Charles Dozsa.

And the reason why he was being arrested? Well it seems that Mr Dozsa was one of Sydney’s most infamous dine and dashers, reportedly eating at the finest five star restaurants and then making a quick get-away before the bill had even finished being printed.

Eventually people got wise to the ex-chef’s tricks though and the court ordered repayment demands got to the point where the police arrested him, not that he went quietly as we can see.

We know that while Dozsa was fined for his crimes but he didn’t let it stop him from re-offending, which is admirable, in a really annoying way.

Apparently he was a chess grand master as well which may explain how he manage to outwit the police and restaurateurs for so many years.

Unfortunately Mr Dozsa died back in 2003, which although probably a relief for restaurant managers across Sydney, meant that the world was short one Internet legend…