Strange Cooking Trend Involving Salmon And Ice Is Getting Mixed Reviews

by : Hannah Smith on : 29 Sep 2021 18:51
Strange Cooking Trend Involving Salmon And Ice Is Getting Mixed Reviews@emilymariko/TikTok

A viral cooking video has got people talking thanks to a surprisingly strange kitchen hack.

Emily Mariko has gained more than two million followers on TikTok for her quick and easy recipes, but her latest lunchtime dish has caused quite the stir.


In a recent video, Mariko demonstrated how to make her ‘best lunch of the week’ – a fairly straightforward recipe involving reheated salmon and rice.

Emily Mariko's salmon rice bowl recipe (@emilymariko/TikTok)@emilymariko/TikTok

But rather than getting in a pickle over Mariko’s choice of condiments (Sriracha and Japanese mayo, if you’re interested), her followers are questioning the influencer’s inclusion of a single ice cube in the dish.

In her video, Mariko pops the cube in the middle of the rice, and then removes it once it’s been microwaved. For most viewers, it wasn’t immediately clear what the point of the ice cube was, leading to an intense discussion in the comments.


‘Need to know the science behind the ice cube?!’ one person asked, while another offered an alternative solution, saying copycats could also use a ‘wet paper towel’ to stop the rice from drying out.

You can watch it here:


Regardless of the reason, the recipe has become the latest TikTok food trend, taking over from Gigi’s vodka pasta and the iconic tomato feta pasta dish that took over Gen-Z’s kitchens during lockdown.


Not everyone is impressed, with some describing the meal as ‘cat food,’ and others asking whether it’s possible to make a vegan alternative.

Mariko has since reposted her video a number of times, telling one of her followers that ‘my goal is to watch every single one of the recreations’.

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