Student Forgot To Remove Handcuffs From Bed Before Sending Mum Photo Of New Room

Student Forgot To Remove Handcuffs From Bed Before Sending Mum Photo Of New RoomElla Martine/Instagram/Twitter

It’s fair to say no one is as good at finding things as your mum.

Whether it’s a lost sock or something a tad less innocent, if someone’s going to spot it, it’s going to be your mum.

So, when uni student Ella Martine sent her mum a snap of her new bedroom, expecting to receive some compliments on the décor, her mum managed to spot the one thing she’d forgotten to hide: her hand cuffs.

On sending the picture of her beautifully accessorised university bedroom, Ella’s mum replied with a complimentary ‘nice,’ accompanied with a thumbs up for good measure.

But it was quickly followed up with ‘except for the handcuffs???’ and another, ‘what’s up with that?’

Uh oh.

Fortunately, Ella was quick to share the embarrassing exchange on Twitter so we could all have a good old belly laugh at her innocent mistake, because that’s what Twitter’s for, right?

The singer-songwriter told her followers, ‘moms been asking for pics of my new room… finally sent one… I’m so stupid,’ alongside a picture of the text messages and a close up of the cuffs.

Like so many of Ella’s followers, we were all left eager to find out how she’d responded to her mother’s inquisition, and luckily, she followed it up with another screenshot detailing their exchange.

The musician was quick to come up with a crafty excuse, telling her mum that her roommate had used them to make a short film for class, but unsurprisingly, her fibs went down like a lead balloon.

‘Well remove them – super tacky,’ Ella’s mum told her, adding, ‘not very classy.’

Student Forgot To Remove Handcuffs From Bed Before Sending Mum Photo Of New RoomElla Martine/Twitter

Her mum continued, ‘very “freshman year” not junior.’

Ella tried to keep up with her lie, telling her mum, ‘it was a joke haha they’re not gonna stay there.’ C’mon Ella, it’s time to give up, you’ve been rumbled.

‘Remove them before you leave for your trip – seriously,’ her mum followed up with.

Luckily, Ella isn’t alone in her antics, as other people rushed to respond with their own embarrassing parental anecdotes.

One woman replied, ‘my mom came over to help clean our house while I was pregnant. While cleaning our bedroom floor she saw the arm and leg restraints on our bed. Needless to say, she wasn’t surprised I got pregnant so fast after the wedding.’

Others praised Ella’s mum’s beady eyes for spotting the cuffs in the first place.

I’m telling ya’, there’s no hiding anything from your mum.

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