Student Graduating ‘Debt Free’ After Businessman Gifts Entire Class $100,000 Scholarships

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Apr 2021 15:01
Student Graduating 'Debt Free' After Businessman Gifts Entire Class $100,000 Scholarshipsj.dubbed/TikTok/NBC

TikTok users are in disbelief after a student revealed she’s graduating university ‘debt free’ thanks to a businessman who gave her entire class a $100,000 scholarship. 

Students everywhere dream of being able to obtain a degree without being left with crushing debt, but that dream has apparently come true for TikToker J. Dubbed, who took to the platform to share her story.


Responding to another user who asked viewers to tell them something which ‘sounds false but is 100% true’, the TikToker explained that the businessman came to her high school to give a speech before generously doling out scholarships to herself and her classmates.

Check out the video below:

@j.dubbed##stitch with @darlaeliza still can’t believe it.♬ original sound – J.Dubbed


The TikTok user recalled asking the man what he did for a living but being unable to hear what he said in response. When she asked again, the man pulled out a business card along with numerous $100 bills.

Naturally the high school class reacted with awe, so the man proceeded to hand out one of the notes to everyone in the room.

His generosity didn’t stop there, however, as J. Dubbed explained: ‘My teacher made us write him thank you notes, and then a couple of weeks later he gave everybody in the class $100,000 scholarship. And now I’m gonna graduate debt free, because I couldn’t hear.’

Businessman gives students scholarshipJ. Dubbed/TikTok

The impressive story has racked up thousands of views on the platform, though many TikTok users and fans of The Office (US) have pointed out that the story is similar to one they’ve heard before.

One person responded: ‘Scotts Tots! I remember seeing this in the paper!’

Indeed, a businessman promising a university scholarship to entire class full of students is the plot of one of the cringiest episodes of the comedy series, titled Scott’s Tots. The episode demonstrates manager Michael Scott’s unwavering generosity as he makes this very promise, but highlights the fact that actions speak louder than words, as he’s unfortunately unable to deliver.


After a number of people pointed out the similarities between the two stories, J. Dubbed responded to say she didn’t know ‘anything about Scott’s Tots’ or The Office, but she shared images of herself with the businessman, his business card and the hundred dollar bills to prove that she hadn’t stolen the story from TV.

Evidently dreams do come true – though sadly not for Michael Scott, or his Tots. Their dreams came crashing down when he entered the room with a suitcase full of laptop batteries.

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J. Dubbed/TikTok
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