Student Says He Can Levitate After Not W*nking For A Month

Student Says He Can Levitate After Not W*nking For A MonthJam Press

No Nut November is over: rejoice, let masturbation resume. However, one student has shown the transcendent benefits of laying off the five knuckle shuffle.

In the penultimate month of the year, some men set themselves the challenge of No Nut November: no ejaculating – also known as busting a nut – for a whole 30 days.

Many try, many fail; but it seems those who buckle under the pressure are missing out on a new, superheroic sense of control over one’s body.

Karan Arora No Nut November LevitateJam Press

Karan Arora, 22, from Vancouver, Canada, decided to take part in the challenge along with some of his friends for the entire month.

As per the rules of the challenge, men may not have sex, masturbate, or ‘nut in any way, shape or form’. It can all be traced back to Reddit, with more than 50,000 members pledging abstinence, Karan being one of them.

The 22-year-old powered through the month like an absolute champ, saying the physiological and psychological effects on his well-being were tremendous. Karan said he felt much lighter and more in control of his body and mind – to the point he could defy gravity.

Karan Arora No Nut November LevitateJam Press

He posted the (photoshopped) photos on his Twitter page, showing him going about in his day-to-day tasks while floating in mid-air with the caption: ‘#NoNutNovember day 30 the changes in me are unreal. my body feels light and my mind, thotless. i have also successfully mastered the art of defying gravity.’

The original post has since gone viral, amassing more than 36,000 likes and 10,000 retweets, with one user writing: ‘You have gained enlightenment.’ Another added: ‘Me at 10 months without sex gaining the ability to fly.’

Karan saw the positive effects of abstaining from sexual intercourse and masturbation, explaining how he felt more in control of his body – and read posts about how other men who also felt the same.

He said:

The power of abstinence makes you have control over your body rather than your body having a control over you. I just took that concept and saw a couple of people posting about their journey and benefits of it everyday.

So I decided to spin it in my own words and came up with a funny take on it. The benefit I saw was the power of defying gravity.

Karan Arora No Nut November LevitateJam Press

Jokingly, he added: ‘I was actually 100% in control of my body. My white blood cells. My heartbeat. And my centre of gravity which eventually taught me to defy gravity too.’

Commenting on his post going viral, Karan said:

Honestly it feels weird to be trending for such a meme challenge. But I believe with such exposure I do have a responsibility of warning kids who have easy internet access nowadays in this digital era, to be aware of the affects this easy access to porn and sexual content over the internet brings along with it.

It’s certainly not your typical superhero origin story.

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