Student Starts Chaos By Testing Teachers’ Engagement Rings To See If They’re Real

by : Mike Williams on : 04 Nov 2020 12:19
Student Causes Chaos By Testing Teachers’ Wedding Rings To See If They’re Realjexif/TikTok

It’s meant to be the happiest day of your life when you pop on that shiny and super expensive wedding ring, so imagine the horror of finding out your partner has duped you all this time.

When TikTok user Diamond Tester Kit, aka @jexif, decided to check out the authenticity of his school teachers’ rings, the results were somewhat hilarious.


The account, which now has over 10 million Likes, shared a dozen short clips on the platform documenting the findings.

Student Causes Chaos By Testing Teachers’ Wedding Rings To See If They’re Realjexif/TikTok

In the videos, one student decides to approach a number of teachers at his high school to see if their wedding, anniversary, or engagement rings, the diamond ones that is, are actually real. And it turns out some of them aren’t.

The first clip, which has had 5.7 million views, kicked the craze off, as the young man approached his teacher to conduct the test.


‘…you’ve got a wedding ring, right?’

‘Yeah!’ the teacher replies.

‘Do you think it’s real?’ he asks.

‘Yeah, of course!’


Only for her to scream out in dismay when she discovers it isn’t.

See for yourself how it played out:


For part four, the student ends up upsetting one teacher who discovers her ring is in fact a fake, and gets right on to her husband to ask him about it.

Watch the awkward yet hilarious moments caught on camera, below:


Another video looks at a woman’s wedding ring, which is real, but her anniversary stones unfortunately are not. The mood suddenly changes from in-your-face success with the wedding diamond test, to utter shock when the three diamond anniversary piece doesn’t even register, leading the boy to suggest it may be glass.

check out what happened here:

The outraged teacher phones her husband and says, ‘We’re gonna talk when I get home!’

Collectively, the videos have had almost 50 million views, with several going viral.

While the biggest hitters were ones that showed some men to have given their wives faux diamonds, there were, thankfully, a fair few that had been given the real deal.

One thing is for sure, we’re glad we aren’t the ones who have to explain to our other halves why they thought they could get away with fobbing them off with fake bling.

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