Subway Employee Exposes How The Food Is Really Prepared

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 07 Sep 2021 15:13
Subway Employee Exposes How The Food Is Really Prepared@secret.subway.slut/TikTok

If you’ve ever wondered how your Subway sandwich is really prepared, then this employee has just revealed all the juicy details.

Meatball marinaras are the thing of hangover dreams – a cheeky UberEats and it’s whizzed straight to your door when you can barely crawl from bed. However, before you next bite into one of Subway’s beautiful buns, make sure to take a look at how they are truly made.


The employee, who calls herself the ‘Secret Subway Slut’ on TikTok, has exposed just how the chain really makes its meals in a series of videos, recording herself as she works.

A branch of Subway in London -SOPA Images/SIPA USA/PA ImagesPA

The series of videos posted on her @secret.subway.slut account reveal how meals such as the chicken teriyaki, tuna and meatball sandwiches are prepared.

In one video, the employee exposes how the ‘tuna’ sandwich has evolved since the infamous Subway tuna scandal, about the ‘tuna’ not really being tuna.


She shows followers the packet, claiming that it ‘honestly looks more like real tuna than the last tuna’ and also ‘smells more like grilled tuna’. She claims that ‘the other one said it was fish too’ but that she wasn’t sure.

The employee then goes on to break up the ‘tuna’ and put mayonnaise in the metal mixing bowl. She tips that you’re supposed to add ‘a whole bag of mayonnaise with two packs of tuna’ but that she thinks it is ‘way too much’ so ‘usually [does] half a bag or three quarters of a bag’. The ‘tuna’ then gets ‘thrown’ in some ‘bins’ and labelled, before it is ready to serve. She then gives a comparison photo of the previous ‘tuna’ the chain used, compared to the most recent.

@secret.subway.slutReply to @lilyanna.joy sorry I’m so bad at voice overs 😭💀 these are my first tiktoks. What do you wanna see next? ##subway ##foodservice ##minimumwage♬ A-O-K – Tai Verdes


The post has since amassed more than 4.1 million views, 391,200 likes and 2127 comments with users taking to the TikTok to debate if the ‘tuna’s’ identity is really real this time. One said, ‘I miss the old tuna, that wasn’t really tuna, it hit different.’

Another wrote: 

The reason you’re supposed to do a whole bag of mayo for two packs of tuna is so that it doesn’t get all dry and crusty when it’s in the cooler/ on the line.

A third commented, ‘People say “expose” like they expect fast food to be high quality amazing.’


While the debate around whether Subway’s new ‘tuna’ is really tuna continues, this employee has used her TikTok account to shed light on all manner of meals you can get at the chain.

It appears that she is set to reveal even more Subway secrets soon.

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@secret.subway.slut/ TikTok
  1. @secret.subway.slut/ TikTok

    Reply to @lilyanna.joy sorry I’m so bad at voice overs 😭💀 these are my first tiktoks. What do you wanna see next? #subway #foodservice #minimumwage