Sylvester Stallone Vs Jack Whitehall Might Be The Weirdest Celebrity Feud Ever

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The most bizarre celebrity beef of all time is currently playing itself out on social media.

What do Hollywood hardman Sylvester Stallone and British comedian Jack Whitehall have in common, you might wonder.

Well, according to Whitehall, more than you might think. Apparently, they crossed paths at the Oscars after-party in LA in February, shortly after Stallone missed out on a gong for Best Supporting Actor for Creed.

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Speaking to the Mirror, Whitehall said:

I walked straight into Sylvester Stallone afterwards at the Governors Ball. I had to console him about missing out on his Oscar, telling him there was always next year. Or maybe if he did Creed 2 he might get a nod, I think it reassured him. Also, because he knew I was English, I had to tell him who Mark Rylance was. I talked him through all of Mark’s performances at the Globe theatre.

In fairness, Jack was almost certainly joking around – you know, because he’s a comedian – but it seems that Sly didn’t get the memo, and he really didn’t see the funny side of the whole thing.

He took to social media, not once but twice, to express his fury at Whitehall’s story:

Personally, I’d be pretty scared if the guy who played Rocky was on the warpath because of something I’d said, but fair play to Jack Whitehall, who actually did see the funny side of the incident and brushed it off in an interview with the Daily Mail.

He added:

It’s sad Sly doesn’t remember me. Clearly I made very little impression. The same thing happened to me with Eamonn Holmes at the TV Choice Awards.

At least this should make for good material for Jack’s next stand-up show. Just don’t expect Sly to guest star on Bad Education anytime soon…