Tabloid Asks People Why They’re Not ‘As Successful As Kylie Jenner’

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jul 2018 21:37
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Sometimes it helps if you read the room when you’re trying to make a point, otherwise it can absolutely backfire in your face and you’ll end up looking like a complete tool.


Just ask the guys at New York Daily News, thanks to the placing of Kylie Jenner on a pedestal they’ve incurred the wrath of Twitter.

As a fellow media professional, I should be inclined to feel sorry for them – after all, we all make mistakes now-and-then. However, on the flipside of that coin, I have to say ‘you guys done messed up’.

Whoever is in charge of NY Daily News’ Twitter account needs a stern lecture, how are you going to post a story about Kylie Jenner being ‘a self-made billionaire’ and then ask your 661K followers ‘What are you doing with your life?’?


The post clearly struck a nerve with the majority of Twitter users who stumbled across it – maybe it was the goal all along – as people hit back at the tabloid news outlet. They let them know they’re doing worthwhile things in their lives without having the advantage of coming from a privileged background.

Philip Needham told NY Daily News:

Raising 4 daughters, two with special needs. Worked my way through college and graduate school. Finally picking the camera back up which I could not afford to shoot the past 20 years.

One person was doing some real superhero stuff, he responded to the tabloid by letting them know:

I’m a 31 year old 911 Dispatcher who tries to save lives every work day between Police, Fire and EMS. I also stream variety gaming on Mixer on the side to brighten people’s days abd laugh. I will never be a Billionaire, but i’m rich in my good service and wonderful friends. [sic]

Another person, who had been diagnosed with HIV from a young age, posted:


I was diagnosed with HIV at age 11 in 1987. My parents were told I had 6 months-to-2 years to live. I’m turning 43 on Monday and I’ve spent the last two decades of my life educating about HIV through writing, speaking and laughter.

Another told NY Daily News:

I am a nurse with two college degrees. I have been a homeowner since age 22 and have no student loans. I am a mother and have been married for 10 years. I get to work with and help veterans. Sometimes I get mentioned in a patient’s obituary, which is an incredible honor.

Natalie Panek pointed out the REAL difference she was making in the world, listing her numerous achievements which included:

– BSc Mechanical Engineering
– MASc. Aerospace Engineering
– Got my pilot’s license
– Drove solar car across North America
– Building space robots for 9 yrs
– Have backpacked across Baffin Island, Greenland, Patagonia etc.#WomenInSTEM

Amy Diane kept it real simple by telling the tabloid outlet she was:

Working 2 jobs so I can buy school supplies for my classroom.


Comparing her ‘achievements’ with the accomplishments of others is precarious. This is not to downplay whatever Kylie may have accomplished, but it does need to be put in check.

The whole point of this story is, not everyone is born into the same fortunate circumstances as Kylie Jenner. She may be a billionaire but it definitely wasn’t a ‘self-made’ struggle to the top for an underdog. There are some milestones in the family’s history which have undoubtedly aided the rise of individual members of clan Kardashian-Jenner.

Pick your champions carefully next time eh?

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