Tattooed Model Amber Luke Blames ‘Jealous Lowlives’ For Losing 218,000 Followers Overnight

by : Julia Banim on : 19 Jan 2020 13:27
Tattooed Model Amber Luke Blames 'Jealous Lowlives' For Losing 218,000 Followers Overnightambs_luke/Instagram

A heavily tattooed model has lashed out at ‘jealous lowlives’ after her Instagram profile was removed for ‘breaching guidelines’.

This came as a bitter blow for Amber Luke, of Queensland, Australia, who had spent six years amassing over 218,000 followers; using the platform as a means of nabbing brand deals and ultimately furthering her career.


Fortunately, the 24-year-old had a back-up profile in place, meaning she hasn’t had to start completely from scratch. And with 42,000 followers at the time of writing, she isn’t doing too shabby.

This time around, Amber’s approach to Instagram is a little different. Although she will still share snaps of her elaborate body art, she is now careful not to reveal too much of her private areas.

Speaking with the Daily Star, Amber lamented that so much of her hard work had been lost, describing the loss as ‘devastating’:


I had 218,000 followers when my account got removed. It took me about six years to grow my Instagram account. It took a lot of effort to build what I had made.

Instagram removed my account because I ‘violated the community guidelines’ – which in fact I did not. It felt absolutely devastating to see six years worth of journaling and tattooing gone.

I feel almost as though a part of my life has been taken away – business opportunities and being able to have such a positive influence on so many people.

Tattooed Model Amber Luke Blames 'Jealous Lowlives' For Losing 218,000 Followers OvernightAmber Luke/Instagram

Amber added that she is determined to get back to the previous heady heights of her former Instagram empire:

It’s going to take me a while to rebuild what I had, but I’ll hopefully receive the same love and support I had before.


And it would seem Amber – who also answers to Blue Eyed White Dragon – is not holding back when it comes to triumphing over her enemies.

Writing on her backup account after her main account was taken down, Amber slammed the ‘jealous lowlives’ who had tried to bring her down:

My main account @amber__luke has been deleted – shoutout to the jealous low life’s [sic] who have nothing better to do than destroy something someone has spent years building lol.

You’re so pathetic – but guess what motherfucker I ain’t going anywhere & ohhhhhh what do you know, my accounts already been verified HAHA SUCK ON THOSE EGGS.


Amber has splashed out more than $25,000 on tattoos and modifications that cover almost every inch of her body.

On top of her 200 plus tattoos, Amber has a split in her tongue, stretched earlobes and once went blind for several weeks after having her eyeballs tattooed blue.

Amber is clearly not one to be put off by a bit of short-term pain and irritation, and I for one have no doubt she will rise from the Instagram ashes once more.


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