Taxi Drivers Report ‘Ghostly Passengers’ Following Japanese Tsunami

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Taxi Drivers Report ‘Ghostly Passengers’ Following Japanese TsunamiPixabay/PA Images

A TikToker has highlighted an eerie phenomenon reported by various taxi drivers in the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

An approximate 20,000 people lost their lives after an enormous tsunami flooded more than 200 square miles of coastal land in north-eastern Japan following an earthquake. It’s estimated that the colossal waves reached heights of 38 meters, the approximate height of a 12-story tower block.


The devastation that followed is incalculable, with homes, communities and loved ones lost to the waters. And there are some who believe the tragedy left a ghostly imprint.

Check it out below:


Taking to TikTok, Emma from the Real Life Ghost Stories Podcast spoke about the disturbing sightings reported by taxi drivers in the area in the years since, many of whom believe they have spoken with one of those who died that terrible day.


Emmma said:

They would pick up a lone passenger and those passengers would be soaked to the bone. And they would be asked to be brought right to the devastation zone, generally to an address that just didn’t exist anymore.

By the time the taxi driver would get there, the passenger would have disappeared. This became such a regular occurrence that taxi drivers literally started paying the fares for their ghostly passengers.


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Back in 2016, Japanese publication Asahi Shimbun reported that Yuka Kudo, a Tohoku Gakuin University student, interviewed more than 100 taxi drivers in the affected city of Ishinomaki for her graduation thesis.

Through these interviews, Yuka discovered that multiple taxi drivers claimed to have had very similar ghostly encounters dating back to 2011, with mysterious customers vanishing without a trace. At least 3,162 people died in Ishinomaki alone during the tsunami.


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