Teacher Records Gen Z Students Answering History Questions And They Didn’t Know Who Hitler Was

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Teacher Records Gen Z Students Answering History Questions And They Didn't Know Who Hitler Wassamuelsleeves/TikTok

A history teacher has shared a hilarious – yet slightly concerning – TikTok video of himself quizzing his Gen Z students about historical figures and events.

In 45 seconds, the students manage to reveal they don’t know who Hitler is, and they even got him mixed up with activist Helen Keller.


Taking to TikTok, Samuel Sleeves captioned the video, ‘As a history teacher, I’m concerned.’

Check it out here:

In the clip, the teacher has the camera pointed to himself as one student says, ‘Helen Keller is the Nazi guy.’ Um, what?


When questioned further, the student says, ‘I don’t know, he’s like a terrorist or something!’

‘Helen Keller is a Nazi terrorist, a male, is that what you’re telling me right now?’ Sleeves questioned, before adding, ‘Are you thinking of Hitler?’

But things suddenly took a turn for the worse when another student chimed in and shouted, ‘Who’s Hitler?!’


Clearly baffled by what he just heard, Sleeves was struggling to respond, when another student said, ‘Helen Keller was the blind and deaf person who was fake. She didn’t exist but everyone believes she was blind and deaf.’

And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre, ‘Is Helen Keller real’ even began trending on Twitter, proving that people are actually believing yet another unfounded social media-fuelled conspiracy.

You know, the world-famous activist, who was regularly filmed and photographed alongside politicians, presidents and the highest calibre of celebrities during her lifetime.


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Anyway, the final nail went into the coffin when Sleeves asked about Pearl Harbor. One student said it was a bridge, and another suggested that D-Day was a bridge.

In another clip, the history teacher baffles his students by showing them pictures of the Mona Lisa and Mahatma Ghandi. No, they have no idea who they are either.

But before we go bashing an entire generation, it’s important to note that curriculums have changed since the majority of us went to school, and it appears that – for better or for worse – the internet has played a bigger role in the younger generations’ educations than we ever could have anticipated.


That being said, TikTok is now full of people debating whether Keller really did exist. Spoiler alert: she absolutely did, and trying to erase her from history could be seen as ableism of the highest degree.

While we’re at it, yes, the Holocaust did happen, and Hitler was real.

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