Teen Finds His Stolen Selfies Edited To Look ‘Less Gay’ By Catfish

Teen Finds His Stolen Selfies Edited To Look 'Less Gay' By CatfishDeadline News

A Scottish teen was left in stitches when he discovered someone was using his photos to bag some matches on Tinder.

Ross Wrightson’s pictures were being used by a mystery catfish in a bid to speak to women, but not before they were edited to look ‘less gay’.

The 19-year-old took to Twitter where he shared his original selfie against the Tinder profile, which had cropped out his prized Britney Spears calendar in order for them to appear more ‘straight’.

Teen Finds His Stolen Selfies Edited To Look 'Less Gay' By CatfishDeadline News

Alongside the pictures he wrote:

Naw am howling someone has made a straight tinder using my pictures and has cropped the Britney spears calendar out of one of my instas to make me look less gay.

The tweet has since been liked more than 20,000 times with an impressive 961 retweets.

Whoever made the fake Tinder account used Glasgow native Ross’ real name, but put his age as 22, instead of his true age. FYI, he’s 19.

guy's pics made less gay by catfish@RossWrightson/Twitter

According to the screenshot which Ross shared, the person behind the account was 11 kilometres away, which would suggest whoever it is knows who Ross really is.

Ross explained:

A friend of my friend came across the account and told my friend about it.

She got in touch with me to ask me why I was on her Tinder and I was confused, but then we worked out it wasn’t my account so I asked the girl to report it.

Although he first found it ‘unsettling’ that someone would go to those lengths to imitate him, he did find the Britney crop hilarious.

He continued:

Well it’s a bit unsettling to have someone use your pictures to catfish girls on Tinder.

I just found it so funny that the Britney calendar didn’t make the cut for the fake account in order to give girls a different impression of my photo.

There’s no denying it could be taken as a huge compliment to have someone find you attractive enough to use your photos in an attempt to get matches.

Teen Finds His Stolen Selfies Edited To Look 'Less Gay' By Catfish

There are calls to make the practice of ‘catfishing’, aka using someone else’s pictures to convince others that you are someone other than yourself, to be made illegal, the BBC reports.

In 2017, Anna Rowe launched a petition calling on MPs to make catfishing illegal after her whirlwind romance with Antony Ray, who she met on Tinder.

After 14 months, Anna discovered Antony was a married dad, who had used fake pictures of a Hollywood actor on his profile.

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