Teen Miraculously Survives Crash From Motorway At 105MPH

by : UNILAD on : 01 Aug 2018 11:22
Motorway CrashMotorway CrashCEN

A teenager has miraculously survived after smashing his car through the barriers of an elevated highway, while travelling at 105mph, and careering off onto the road below.


The heart-stopping moment was caught on CCTV, showing a white car swaying towards the side of the motorway before laying waste to the barriers.

19-year-old Patricio Avila was zipping around in his Volkswagen Voyage, down the Buenos Aires’ General Paz motorway, when he spun out of control and into immediate danger.

His car then tore through the road’s protective barriers and went flying down onto a grassy verge on the road below.


Other motorists were forced to act quickly in order to avoid the debris.

The car allegedly belonged to Patricio’s stepfather and the teenager had to be cut from the wrecked remains by firefighters.

Unbelievably, he survived the crash and is now recovering in hospital, where doctors say he is ‘conscious and stable’.

He sustained numerous injuries including a fractured hip and a fractured ankle. He’s said to have suffered potential brain trauma with specialists on standby. He can breathe by himself and has resumed eating.

Motorway CrashMotorway CrashCEN

Patricio’s family have rubbished all local media stories which have called the incident a deliberate suicide attempt.

A witness, by the name of Veronica, said she was gobsmacked anyone could have survived such a dramatic crash.

However she was critical of Patricio for such dangerous driving in the first place, saying:


He was full of blood and had problems to get out the car. We were scared of touching him. He had half of his body inside the car and half out, and the firefighters arrived and rescued him.

I don’t know how he managed to drive at such high speeds down the motorway without crashing into another vehicle. He is lucky to be alive.

To drive in Argentina the following are required: a fire extinguisher, two warning triangles, a rigid tow bar, a first aid kit and a working handbrake.

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Drink-driving is also taken very seriously in the Latin American nation.

As per Rhino Car Hire, ‘the legal limit for blood alcohol in Argentina is 50mg per 100ml of blood – less than the UK limit. For motorcyclists, the limit is 20mg. You will be arrested, charged and have your car impounded if over the limit. You’ll get a court case and a ban together with a sizeable fine.’

We wish Patricio a speedy recovery!

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