Teen Uses Power Of Social Media To Get Prom Date With Cheerleader

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It’s the hope of many a young man to take a cheerleader to prom, but some guys like to dream a little bigger.

Stephen Bieber, no relation to our mate Justin, wasn’t content with taking a ‘regular’ cheerleader to prom though, he wanted to take professional cheerleader Christa Aiken, CSN reports.

The tenacious young lad got in touch with the Redskin’s cheerleader over Instagram asking her how many retweets he’d need for her to agree to go to prom with him.

Aiken soon replied saying he’d need at least 10,000 retweets – and the game was on.

Now Bieber only had 350 followers at the time, so the idea of getting that many retweets was probably a bit daunting, but the plucky youngster only went and bloody did it!

Not only that, but Aiken kept her side of the deal, going with him to his school dance.

Unsurprisingly, Stephen stepped up his game, getting a Rolls Royce for the couple, and Aiken seemed to have a good time, judging by her snaps of the party.

There’s a lesson in this lads – aim for the stars…