Teenagers Fall In Love And Travel The World After A Single Tweet

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You wouldn’t think one tweet from the other side of the world could have such a huge impact, but for these teenagers, it changed their lives…


The pinnacle night occurred five years ago when Sydney based teenager, Leonie Sii sent Mattias Holmbom a tweet thanking him for coming up with a game tutorial.

She wrote ‘You sir, are amazing,’ at the Swedish teen behind the clip and unbeknown to her, this would then become a turning point in her life.


Her words of praise obviously struck a cord with the gamer and bravely arranged to meet up and since that day, have never looked back.


After hooking up, the loved-up couple then spent the next year travelling through Europe and capturing their journey together on their Instagram pages.

Student Leonie needed to work abroad as part of her degree and decided to move to Switzerland, where the two could meet and embark on their ‘non stop adventures.’


The now 24-year-old, Leonie revealed to group travel company Contiki, the lucky pair had been through 15 countries in a year, ‘on a whim.’

She told the company:

We went to Denmark without a plan, discovered beautiful nature we didn’t even know existed, hiked through Switzerland and just explored the world together.

The besotted couple have now settled in Sydney, where Leonie works as a blogger and Mattias as a video editor, so there opportunities for travel have diminished.



Leonie was keen to explain to Contiki the pair are still determined to see and do new things on a weekend though.

She told the company:

We value going new places, and something you realise after travelling is everywhere in the world is worth going to.
Even though we’re stuck in one place, and we only have a day or two on the weekends to go somewhere, there are a lot of places to go to and a lot of things to do, so we’ve kept the excitement going – even though it is a completely different phase of our lives.


The young lovers believe fate brought them together online and claim their adventures have shaped them into the people they are today.

Mattias told Contiki:

We came from different parts of the world, and we’d sort of been hiding in our own little dungeons in our own rooms.

Since we found each other, we’ve been going everywhere in the world and it brought us both a new perspective on what life is.


Just think if Leonie had never sent that tweet, the pair would never have met…

Strange how life works out like that sometimes.

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