Teens Injuring Themselves In Ridiculous Social Media ‘Challenge’


A concerned mother has warned of the dangers of a new social media craze known as the ‘deodorant challenge’.

The challenge dares kids to spray deodorant onto their skin until it burns them and kids are reportedly filming themselves holding deodorant cans to their skin for as long as possible.

The aim of the game is to see who can endure the pain for the longest time.

Apparently the new craze up bodmin college is the 'deodorant challenge' I've warned Kaitlyn Stanley not to do it again… Just want you all to be aware xx

Posted by Sara Pears Stanley on Thursday, 25 May 2017

Sara Pears Stanley, a concerned parent whose daughter attends Bodmin College in Cornwall, shared pictures of her daughter’s injuries on Facebook to warn other parents about the dangerous craze.

She wrote: 

Apparently the new craze up Bodmin College is the ‘deodorant challenge’. I’ve warned [my daughter] not to do it again. Just want you all to be aware.

And the ‘challenge’ that ultimately equates to self harm appears to have been present for years…

The deodorant challenge follows the equally dangerous ‘salt and ice challenge’ which left multiple children with serious burns earlier this year.

This saw kids putting ice and salt on their skin which causes a reaction similar to frostbite and became popular in the UK after sweeping the U.S.

Reportedly one schoolboy was left so badly burned after doing the ice and salt challenge that doctors considered giving him a skin graft.