Terrifying Footage Shows Moment Vegas High Roller Began To Tilt

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 23 Sep 2021 16:24
Terrifying Footage Shows Moment Vegas Highroller Began To Tilt (@esmyyyyyy/TikTok)@esmyyyyyy/TikTok

Recent footage has shown the nail-biting moment Las Vegas’ High Roller ride started to tilt. 

The High Roller is a huge, 550-foot tall ferris wheel, currently the world’s tallest, that resides on the Las Vegas strip.


While many come to Las Vegas for the hotels, casinos and nightlife, this group of people got the fright of their life instead over the weekend.

A TikTok captioned ‘definitely a night to remember my anxiety was all bad even days after’, showed footage from the exact moment the 550-foot tall ride began to tilt following a ‘network connectivity issue’ with one of the cabins.

Terrifying Footage Shows Moment Vegas Highroller Began To Tilt (Alamy)Alamy

After stitching another video about the event, the TikToker, @esmyyyyyy, starts the clip by saying ‘Okay, I was on there too.’


She continued, ‘But my bubble thing was the reason why everyone else was stuck up there for two hours.’

The TikToker then started explaining the incident, voicing over photos of the capsule they were in.

Watch the first clip below:



‘Basically, our thing started tilting a lot and then we started falling to the bottom and piled on top of each other,’ she added.

‘So first, all the TVs and everything just shut down and we didn’t know what was going on,’ she explained, ‘and then it started tilting and then it wouldn’t stop.’

The TikToker went on, ‘We thought we were going to die so we just all started calling 911.’

Terrifying Footage Shows Moment Vegas Highroller Began To Tilt (Alamy)Alamy

‘I thought I was going to die, like, I genuinely thought I was going to die so I started calling everyone that I knew telling them that I was going to die,’ she recalled.

She went on to call the incident, ‘really traumatic’ and highlighted that the people controlling the ride ‘thought that giving us a refund would fix everything’, before concluding the video with, ‘Do not recommend’.

Watch the second clip:



After posting the first video, she then posted a second video showing footage from the actual night, which now has over 2.1 million views.

‘I would sue for emotional damage and PTSD,’ commented one TikTok user.

Another added, ‘A refund?? Nooo, pay for my whole Vegas trip and my therapy after’, while a third user wrote, ‘I would literally be in tears balling my eyes out and having a panic attack’.

As per KTNV, a spokesperson for Caesars Entertainment said, ‘The High Roller Observation Wheel was stopped during its rotation on Friday night, due to a network connectivity issue involving one of the cabins. Approximately 150 passengers were aboard the wheel at the time. Engineers resolved the network issue within approximately 90 minutes, the wheel’s rotation resumed, and all passengers safely disembarked and received refunds.’

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    150 people stuck on Las Vegas Strip's High Roller Friday night