Tesco Employee Facing Tribunal For Filming Himself Jumping On Lettuce

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We’ve all done dumb stuff at work we have since lived to regret. With customer service in particular, there’s something about having to be constantly polite to customers which makes you want to rebel in quieter moments.

Unfortunately, one Tesco worker from Cumnock, East Ayrshire, looks set to pay a price for five minutes of silliness.

20-year-old Caelen Wright, who works in the produce section of a Tesco supermarket, had been disposing of some food waste when he was inspired to film a daft video of himself jumping on a lettuce to send to his mates.

Chucking the lettuce on the floor, the amateur stuntman jumped up and down forcefully on the leafy vegetable.

However, it doesn’t look look like Tom Cruise will be quaking in his stacked heels anytime soon. On the second enthusiastic jump, Caelen can be seen slipping and falling forward with a painful looking bump.

The video ends with a clearly amused Caelen chuckling to himself as he jumped up to switch the camera off. Sadly, he wouldn’t be laughing for long.

Jam Press

Caelen shared the footage on social media, where it was viewed by more than 217,000 people. It even came to the attention of a Tesco social media manager called Ollie, who responded using a series of face palm emojis.

One person, with the Twitter handle @24CROFTY11, tweeted a picture of a P45; predicting Caelen’s employers weren’t going to be too happy with his antics.

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Caelen is facing a work tribunal where he will find out whether he still has a job at the supermarket.

Caelen said:

I know it was wrong now, it was just in the heat of the moment I uploaded it. I sent it to my friends at first and they couldn’t stop laughing and told me to upload it to twitter.

At the time I found it too funny not to, not realising the impact it would have on my job. I don’t want to be sacked.

I have a tribunal on Thursday but not looking good. As for the lettuce, that was going in the bin anyway.

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UNILAD has reached out to Tesco for comment.

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