Texas Guy Captures Moment Tree Nearly Falls On Him While Doing Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande TikTok Dance

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Texas Guy Captures Moment Tree Nearly Falls On Him While Doing Ariana Grande TikTok DanceStoryful

A dedicated Ariana Grande fan decided to make the most of the storms in the area to pay a dramatic tribute to her latest single with Lady Gaga, Rain On Me.

On Wednesday, May 27, Andres Quiroz from Houston, Texas, filmed his TikTok dance, with the mood completed by the addition of some suitably blustery weather.


However, the homage to Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga didn’t go quite according to plan, and Andres very nearly ended up crushed beneath a hefty looking fallen branch…

Check it out:


Indeed, in footage posted to his TikTok account, Andres can be seen leaping away as a large branch plummets to Earth in the high winds, narrowly evading a potentially nasty injury.


The footage begins with Andres miming happily along to the new track, and ends with the heavy looking brash crashing into patio furniture, sending two deck chairs and a parasol flying perilously across the garden.

Andres, who was able to jump out of the way just in time, said:

I practised the dance for about an hour and I was super excited to shoot it in the rain because the song is called Rain on Me, and instead of rain I got the neighbour’s branch.

Sharing the too-close-for-comfort footage on Twitter, Andres joked:


I said Rain on Me not drop a tree on me.


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The footage has since gone viral, with many astonished people remarking that Andre was lucky to even be alive after the freakish incident.

One person said:


I saw this and instantly knew you were Houston. I was trying to dance in the rain until I realized the tornado was no joke.

Another shuddered:

Omg the song is cursed.

A series of thunderstorms that hit Houston on May 27 is said to have left around 33,000 homes without power as of the early hours of Thursday morning, May 28, according to local media.


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