The Annoyingly Obvious Reason The Pods Inside Kinder Eggs Are Yellow


Well it seems they’re called Kinder ‘Surprise’ for a very specific reason and one you have probably never even considered…

Apparently, the yellow pods inside our favourite, two-toned chocolate eggs are that vibrant colour on purpose, and not just picked randomly because they look pretty.

The reason behind it will blow your mind though and you’ll kick yourself you never thought of it before…

The surprisingly simple yet secret reason for the shell’s colouring is because they’re made to look like an egg’s yolk, according to an extremely important thread on Mumsnet.

It seems mums were chatting about ‘lightbulb’ moments in life, where suddenly everything changes and things make sense that didn’t before and kinder eggs cropped up into the conversation…

A mum dropped the bombshell – or should I say eggshell – (apologies…) and it seemed to send other mums across the net into an absolute flurry of chaos.

She wrote:

The pod inside kinder eggs is yellow because its meant to be the egg yolk. Found it out the other day. Mind = Blown.

This jaw-dropping declaration could have the potential to change lives 

A user added:

This is MEGA…

And another commented:

Kinder egg yolk is a revelation, thank you. My mental furniture now has more upholstery on it!

Wow. What a game-changer.

I don’t even know what’s real and what’s not anymore… This changes everything.