The Internet Reacts Brilliantly To The Epic Miss Universe F*ck Up

crown-removeMiss Universe

In case for some bizarre reason you missed it, the winner of Miss Universe was announced earlier today.

Not such big news, you might say. But it was the way in which it happened that really got people taking – when host Steve Harvey accidentally gave the crown to the wrong girl.

steve-harvey-miss-universeMiss Universe

Yep, he announced Miss Colombia the winner, and she was proudly blowing kisses to the crowd when he was forced to admit he’d made a mistake, removing her sash, bouquet and crown and handing it to the actual winner, Miss Philippines.

You had one job, Steve, there was a choice between two names and you said the wrong one.

As with all monumental fucks ups that happen in the public domain these days, the internet reacted to it. And they reacted in fine form…

So there you go, all we need to do is vote Trump to stop this type of farce happening again (please God no).