The Internet Thinks It Spotted Paris Terrorist Live On Sky News


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It’s a twitchy time for most people around the world at the moment, and especially for those who live in France after the horrific terror attacks on Paris that took place on Friday.

And with the news that one of the alleged gunmen is currently on the run, paranoia is up tenfold. So much so, that users on social media believe they spotted that very man on a live Sky News broadcast over the weekend.

Brussels-born Salah Abdeslam, 26, is currently the key suspect in the investigation and was reportedly stopped by police after the attacks before sensationally being let go. And at around 0:14 in the below footage, people believe he strolls past the camera, and even winks before walking out of shot.

Mi5 ill be sending you a bill…..14 secs in,why would you walk down the road the wrong way to wink into a camera after a horrific attack in that very city ?

Posted by Craig Milne on Sunday, 15 November 2015


The consensus online is that the man is ‘walking the wrong way down the street’ and makes a conscious effort to gesture towards the camera. We can’t be certain if there is a wink, but it DOES look like he slightly grins at one point.

Obviously, these assumptions are very dangerous. Nobody can be certain if this man is in fact Salah Abdeslam, and at a time like this, it’s very easy to point the finger.

Let’s just hope the real Abdeslam is caught very soon.