The Jack Jones Karma Train Rolls On As New Videos Surface



It hasn’t been a good start to 2016 for viral whopper Jack Jones after he recently copped for a slice of pizza to his chops – and made headline news in the process (sorry not sorry).

However, it turns out it’s not the first time he’s been ‘gotten’ on camera, after a video of legendary dad Queenzflip resurfaced this week and shows the moment things went a little overboard with the prankster.

In the footage, Flip does what he does best and COMPLETELY loses his shit to a classic hip-hop song – tearing Jack’s shirt in the process and just generally ruining his day (if you pause it at certain moments you can see the regret in Jack’s face).

Admittedly, Queenz probably does take things a little far, but anyone who gets in this man’s passenger seat while knowing his resumé deserves everything they get…

The aftermath is even better.

We’re not sure where Jack can go from here, and while he will probably continue to annoy your auntie while she does her weekly shop at Asda, one thing is for sure – this guy cannot take a joke.