The Obamas Donated Their Kids’ Toys To A Homeless Shelter


He’s permanently protected the environment from all offshore oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and on the Atlantic Seaboard, protected Planned Parenthood, and left a good portion of the world in tears after his farewell speech.

Proving the president is no stranger to doing good, Obama and First Lady Michelle visited children at a family shelter in Southwest, Washington on Monday to watch them play on a swing set that once belonged to daughters Sasha and Malia.

The event was the result of the president and first lady’s recent donation of the swing set to the Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter as part of their move out of the White House, the Washington Post reported.

Named ‘Malia and Sasha’s Castle’, the swing set was a surprise for the girls when they were seven and ten.

POTUS and the First Lady reportedly bought the playset when they first moved to Washington in an effort to make things feel more like home.

According to a New York Times post about the set’s instalment in 2009, the ‘castle’ sat near the White House pool and horseshoe pit and included three swings, a separate tyre swing and a tree house. They also had a picnic table next to the play area with plates inscribed with the names of the 44 presidents.

The play set was first offered to Donald Trump’s son, Barron, before being donated but the family declined, CNN reported.


But judging from photos of Monday’s reveal, it looks like the set has found a loving home at the shelter.

Way to go, Obama family.