The Photos That Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To See

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As a wind of change swoops over the 50 states of America and the world as a whole, the President-elect has made one thing very clear – that he doesn’t want these pictures out in the open. 

But what could they be? Photos of official documents revealing his plans for world domination? Damning photographic evidence of him pissing on a war memorial? Maybe a snapshot of The Donald meeting with the leader of ISIS or Al Qaeda?

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Nope – not even close. The pictures Trump does not want out in the open are those of his double chin. Honestly, we’re not joking, according to Politico.

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Donald has been incredibly open about his disliking for the media, and to be fair he hasn’t had an easy ride, but NBC’s choice of an ‘unflattering image’ of him, in his own words, seems to be the one thing he’s pissed off about most.

Speaking to a group of 25 TV executives and anchors Trump claimed that he seeks a ‘productive’ relationship with the media and that he was not happy about the past they had shared.

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Turning to the President of NBC, Deborah Turness, he claimed they had used ‘unflattering’ images of him in the past, specifically saying they chose to run ‘this picture of me’, while pulling a face with an impressive double chin.


In future, perhaps images such as this one would be more fitting for the President-elect:


Poor Donald.