‘The Sun’ Asks Women For Cleavage Selfies, Gets Brilliantly Trolled

the sun cleavage FBTwitter

The Sun have a habit of making themselves look ridiculous, but this latest idea may be one of their worst yet.

The newspaper are currently running a ‘Bust in Britain’ competition (because of course they are) and decided it’d be a great idea to encourage women to send in some snaps of their cleavage for a chance of winning £1,000 and a photoshoot.

‘What could possibly go wrong?’ the social media editor could no doubt be heard exclaiming in the office as he clicked post on the tweet.

Well, quite a lot, given that a lot of people already hate The Sun and find the whole ‘boobs sells papers’ thing to be a pretty controversial sales tactic.

Maybe The Sun are just blissfully unaware how social media works, but Twitter users were predictably quick to troll the newspaper and send in some ridiculous photos in the hopes they might be considered for the prestigious competition.

It’s safe to say, they probably weren’t expecting responses like these…

Good work, Internet!