There’s A Cheeky Message Google Chrome Sends If You’ve Been Watching Too Many Adult Movies


It’s hard to believe that when Google Chrome created the incognito window, the reason for its birth was lovely and innocent.

Designed for people to buy secret presents for their loved ones, Google rather naively didn’t suspect their new window to be used the way it is nowadays.

You know what I’m talking about too… porn.


Whether it’s your parents’ laptop or the family computer, the incognito tab has kept thousands of curious and horny teenagers from getting caught watching porn as their parents attempt to log in to their Hotmail account.

The genius of it is that you can browse porn for as long as you want and your laptop/phone won’t store any evidence of it.

Except someone must be logging something because when you open up the incognito tab 100 times, a winky face emoji will appear in the top right corner like so:


According to Mashable, the app wasn’t designed to have more than two characters in the number of tabs field and that could be why they use an emoji rather than three digits to signify the number of visits.

Google Chrome is full of little Easter Eggs users can enjoy from time to time. Take for example typing into Google ‘google in 1998’, and being transported back to the original version of the search engine.

And of course we should all know about the dinosaur game when there is no internet connection.


Apparently there are still loads of hidden features inside Google Chrome people still haven’t found.

We look forward to discovering them too.