These Are The Embarrassing Pictures Adolf Hitler Tried To Keep Secret

Hitler SpeechGetty

Perhaps the world’s most famous dictator, Adolf Hitler, was also incredibly self-conscious. As the self-proclaimed Fuhrer, he desperately wanted every photograph of him to demonstrate power, strength, and leadership. 

And that’s exactly why he wanted these photos destroyed.

But fortunately for us, the photos, taken by Heinrich Hoffman, of Adolf looking at his most peculiar survived the war, and were later published in Hoffman’s memoir Hitler Was My Friend, reports Cultura Inquieta.

Here’s some of our favourites:

Dramatic PoseGetty
Hitler SpeechGetty

The below snap shows Hitler sampling the mid 40’s German rave scene:

Adolf HitlerGetty
Adolf HitlerGetty

But I think the one below is my favourite. The one where he looks more like a man who’s just had a full pint knocked out of his hands, than a crazed right wing lunatic.


I think it’s easy to see why he didn’t want these releasing into the public eye. Even 70 years later they diminish and minimize the powerful image Hitler was able to cultivate at the time of his leadership…