These Are The World’s Ten Richest DJs



Not only is flying around the world smashing DJ sets to thousands of people a really cool job, it’s also a very, very well paid one if you’re at the top.

Forbes’ latest ‘richlist’ has revealed the top ten highest earning DJs in the world, and how much they earned last year.

Topping the list, again, is Calvin Harris.


He made £41.8million last year, which isn’t far off double the amount made by second placed David Guetta and his poxy £23.5million. It’s also more than the highest paid actress made, too (Jennifer Lawrence and £33 million, in case you were wondering).

Calvin is going out with Taylor Swift, and the pair have now overtaken Jay Z and Beyonce as music’s highest earning couple.

Not bad for a Scottish lad that 10 years ago was stacking shelves in a supermarket.

Here’s the full top ten:

1. Calvin Harris, £41.8m

2. David Guetta, £23.5m

3. Tiesto, £22.8m

4. Skrillex, £15.2m

skrillex gif

4. Steve Aoki, £15.2m

6. Avicii, £12.1m

7. Kaskade, £11.4m

8. Martin Garrix, £10.8m

MG gif

8. Zedd, £10.8m

10. Afrojack, £10.2m

Nice one, Calvin. He is seriously smashing life right now. But despite all his hits, globetrotting, ridiculous money, and dating Taylor Swift, I will always rate him based solely on when he jumped onstage with Jedward with a pineapple on his head.